Look: Coastal Maine Farmhouse

07.29.2010 | by: Meghan

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We stayed in this 1877 farmhouse on the coast of Maine a few weeks ago, and the house—an extraordinary, beautiful mess of peeling vintage wallpaper; creaky, paint-splattered wooden floors; cherished antiques, handmade ceramics and dishware collections—became the central experience of our entire trip. Exuding a strong, meaningful sense of place and history, the house and all its charming details—down to every last note card tucked into a mirror and dedicated book of bedside poetry—tell the stories of the past century. I’m keeping this one a secret for now. It feels too personal to share (and I have a conflict of interest—I want to keep going back!). I hope you enjoy the peek inside and can get a sense of what a special place this is—how lived-in and well loved. I can almost hear the sound of the ocean and smell the evergreen trees mixed with fresh salty air.


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  1. Thank you for this post! I love it. I grew up in Kennebunkport ME in a house very much like this one. My parents still live there. Now I live in GA and I try to decorate a little “Maine” in my home down here. I love the inspiration!


  2. I know this place…. We live in Maine summers only, and spend most weekends exploring every nook and cranny of the coastline. There are thousands of places like this to rent for a few nights at a time. Maine truly is a secret gem of the United States. We shake our heads and wonder what would happen to this beautiful state if everyone knew what paradise it is here. I’m glad you had a nice visit.


  3. Born and raised in Maine and now living in CT, my wife and I look forward to our week vacation in Maine every year. I would encourage anyone looking to stay in mid-coast Maine to visit summermaine.com for an impressive list of mostly coastal properties.


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