Daydream: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

09.10.2010 | by: Kelly

Arne Jacobsen designed Copenhagen’s Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, from the steel exterior to the waste baskets in every room and the Egg and Swan chairs flocking the lobby. Today, only Room 606 (above) is preserved with the original Jacobsen decor from 1960—and it’s available for booking.


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  1. I’m glad that there’s still one room with the original decor, but it makes me a little bit sad at the same time…


  2. Hi there,

    I wanted to stay here but traveling with two small children was difficult so wanted to stay in a larger space. I stayed in a design friendly place called the Adina Apt. Hotels. You should check it out to post. But would love some other reco’s.

    Additionally, I saw this initial post from Daily Candy and then a few days later your friend told me about your blog. They turned out to be the same blog. Would love any cool places to check out.

    Tessa (and Kara)


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