Stay: Jura Lodge

Isle of Jura, Scotland
10.06.2010 | by: Meghan

The Isle of Jura, situated off the western coast of Scotland, is known for a small variety of reasons: being notoriously difficult to reach; Scotch; red deer-to-person ratio (5,500 to 200); and for being the place where George Orwell wrote 1984. Jura Lodge, the former head distillery house, celebrates them all, especially the whiskey part, with over-the-top interiors by French designer Bambi Sloane, who forgoes expected Scottish cliches for a gutsy, vintage-fueled interior that’s somehow both eclectic and restrained. It’s now on my short list of interiors I’d like to live in.

The price is not for everyone (almost $4,000/night for the entire lodge), but if you’re determined to go, keep an eye on the blog for pretty decent discounts. Or ring up your rich uncle and start planning.

[photos courtesy of Jura Lodge]


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  1. Wow this place is everything I could ever dream about.


  2. I love all of it … except that white knight. It’s so glossy! I’m saving my pennies anyway.


  3. Just to let you know…..Jura has just launched an online travel photography competition with the chance to win a week’s stay at the Jura Lodge (inc. all travel), an Olympus EPL-1, and a 2 day masterclass from National Geographic’s Jim Richardson. So if you’re dreaming of a stay at the Lodge, then it’s well worth entering! Visit to find out more.


  4. oh my god! stunning…i need know to check out images of JURA island and find this lodge’s cheap sister to live in for a couple of days.


  5. […] hotel on the island of Jura off the coast of Scotland spotted on DesignTripper. Looks like a good place […]


  6. It’s always been a long time wish for me to visit the mainland of Scotland, but seeing the Jura Lodge is incredible. Absolutely stunning!


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