Stay: Monastero

Pantelleria, Italy
12.22.2010 | by: Meghan

Kelly spotted a photo of Monastero in W magazine this summer, but it wasn’t until we looked it up that we realized how unbelievably beautiful and sprawling and visually all-consuming this place is. Fashion photographer Fabrizio Ferri bought the entire village in Pantelerria (a rustic island off the coasts of Sicily and Tunisia in the Mediterranean) 22 years ago, and transformed the crumbling stone, cave-like dwellings with help from local architect Gabriella Giuntoli.┬áIt’s been attracting industry creatives, high-profile artists and even celebs who want to steal away in a super-private, luxe-but-full-of-character place oozing ancient charm ever since (oh, you know– Sting, Madonna).

This year, Fabrizio and his wife Alessandra tapped interior designer Barbara Frua De Angeli to give the place a makeover. The result, according to W: Nine unique rooms, some with private gardens, others with frescoes, and all with large baths and shaded verandas. Gem-toned linens, antique beds and sculptural lamps mix with sleek, modern consoles and the occasional African textile.

There are no prices available; not usually an encouraging sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll never visit, but looking at these photos kind of feels like taking a little vacation to paradise.


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  1. How do you get in touch with someone to stay here


  2. Beautiful images just placed on my travel list.


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