Stay: Boulevard Leopold

Antwerp, Belgium
02.04.2011 | by: Meghan

Ben Lambers and Tatjana Quax from this week’s Meet interview turned me onto the Boulevard Leopold–a 19th-century house-gone-b&b they stay in when they go to Antwerp. The house is old and well-loved, and even though the furnishings lean toward the contemporary, it’s full of a dated richness and personality rarely found these days. Every morning, they serve breakfast–homemade bread, jams, cheese and yogurt–and even if you’re not a guest in one of three rooms/two apartments, you can still come to eat and take in the eclectic splendor.

[Photography: produced by Tatjana Quax, taken by Ben Lambers]


7 Comments on “Stay: Boulevard Leopold”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I like your blog very much!!


  2. This place is so beautiful!!! Love the kitchen.


  3. That is just so beautiful. And shabby. And serene. If only I were in Antwerp anytime soon…


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  5. I love every room and that rarely happens.


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