Stay: Itopia

Runaway Bay, Jamaica
03.14.2011 | by: Meghan

Maybe you were idly flipping through the new spring Anthropologie catalog–a dreamy visual ode to old world Jamaica–and couldn’t stop admiring the stunner of a house in the background, all bohemian antique charm, crumbling plaster, and palm fronds peeking through swung-open shutters. After a little digging, maybe you were able to cross-reference interior clues and piece together the shoot location, because you are kind of obsessive that way. Jackpot! Itopia is a three-bedroom stone country house built in the 1600s that the owner, set designer Sally Henzell (the woman who started Jake’s and whose family runs the hotel group Island Outpost), recently began renting out to travelers. Prices start at about $1,700 a week. Thanks to the photographer Jessica Antola for many of these beautiful interior photos.

[Photos from the top: Anthropologie Spring 2011 catalogue; exterior courtesy of Island Outpost; group of interiors by Jessica Antola; bedroom courtesy of Island Outpost; front yard and living room photos by Jessica Antola; bottom image courtesy of Island Outpost.]


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  1. So funny to see this post about Jamaica as it is very pertinent to me recently. Well, considering I’m Jamaican, I love seeing anyting (insert JA accent) positive posted about my beautiful country (I’m a bit biased, I confess). Anyhow, I was just on your site the other day looking in your location archives to see if you had any villas featured because I’m planning my sister’s bachelorette party in Jamaica in June. I thought I might find some hidden little gem of a villa that I was unaware of. Now just a week later…look what pops up. Too funny!


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  3. How fantastic! I did wonder where they shot the last catalogue – great detective work!


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  5. Nice post by author on stay itopia


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