Designtripper Road Trip: Meet the Car

From Detroit to New Orleans
04.21.2011 | by: Meghan

So this is the car–the  MXK Lincoln gave us to take on our big design tour from Detroit to New Orleans. And I’m not saying this because they asked us to (for the record, they didn’t): Best car ever to drive on a road trip. The seats are so big and cushy, it’s kind of like riding a leather cloud down Highway 65. And really, how cool is it that Lincoln is sponsoring this trip? We’re T+3 already and it still feels like a dream. For anyone who’s just joining us, here’s the gist: two design/travel bloggers explore an uncharted design course down one of the most interesting routes in America–and here’s the kicker–with our toddlers in tow! So far, it’s a little outlandish, slightly ridiculous, incredibly inspiring and totally authentic… a true modern-day adventure.

For more photos from the road, go to the Lincoln-Designtripper site!

[Disclaimer: Ford Motor Company is the paying sponsor of designtripper’s road trip to New Orleans, which also included a Lincoln MKX for the duration of the trip.]


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  1. What an awesome car for your road trip…. I would love to have one of those. Every place you’ve been looks like so much fun. Not sure which one is my favorite, hard to choose. Enjoy the remainder of the trip…


  2. good articles


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