Stay: Lost & Found

Melbourne, Australia
06.06.2011 | by: Meghan

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about Melbourne’s bespoke titans, Captains of Industry–self-proclaimed “practical men of wide experience.” They’ve been getting a huge amount of well-deserved press for their rare, special attention to custom work, from handmade suits and shoes to barber shaves and sandwiches. They even hand-make the thread they use for tailoring. Tucked into a black-painted building, the masculine atelier/cobbler/cafe is pretty cool-looking (see Todd Selby’s photos for T magazine below). It makes sense that Lost & Found, an online newsletter dedicated to creative Melbourne and put out by Tourism Victoria, would open their temporary, one-room hotel upstairs. With raw wooden floors and a wall full of big windows, the light-filled space is outfitted almost entirely with local design: furniture from vintage seller Grandfather’s Axe, dinnerware by ceramicist Shelley Panton and cheese from Yarra Valley Dairy. I’m a very big fan of these micro-ventures that give guests an intimate experience, offering a hyper-curated glimpse into the local art, culture, food and design scene. Best part: If you get picked by ballot, you get to stay for FREE.

[Top four photos of Lost & Found by Warwick Baker courtesy Tourism Victoria via Skip Town; bottom two photos of Captains of Industry by Todd Selby for T via]


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  1. so happy to have found you! such an inspiring space you have here!! LOVE!


  2. I just read about this place on another blog and was instantly smitten! I wish a place like this existed for women but without it getting overly girlie and frou frou. That last photo is seriously mouth watering!

    with love,


  3. KMS: glad you found us, too!

    Rodellee: I think the same thing about a place for women! Not super frou, but just girly enough for cooking, reading, knitting…


  4. This is so beautiful and inspiering. Window, light and space!!!


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