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09.02.2011 | by: Meghan

As the summer winds down, I’m regretting we never got around to taking our two little guys camping. Actually, what I’m really lamenting is that there aren’t more pseudo-camping options nearby, because even though I romanticize the camping of my youth, I’m kind of a wimp about sleeping on the ground as an adult (and the only thing my husband likes about camping is starting fires).

The Swedes seem to have it all figured out. They love setting up shop in the forest–huts, log cabins, mirrored tree houses, you name it. Not exactly camping (and definitely not glamping–i hate even using the word), but sleeping amongst the birch trees in fairly primitive, aesthetically pleasing lodgings. Here are three places in Sweden I wish I was spending my Labor Day weekend.

These traditional grass-covered forest huts are located by the shore of lake Skärsjön. No electricty, only candles–and there’s a floating sauna on the lake.

From creative husband-and-wife team behind the furniture design company and sprawling nature lodge, these primitive buildings are completely handmade. When there, you live like the name–which means “ancient nature”–suggests: building fires, picking mushrooms in the forest, chopping firewood. Even the fences are made from spruce and juniper.

This growing collection of seven treehouses has been frenetically circling the internet since it opened earlier this year. Designed by Swedish architects and designers, they’re all uniquely innovative: the bird’s nest is almost entirely covered with branches, and the mirrorcube reflects the trees from the forest in its mirrored surface.

[Photos from top: courtesy of Welcome Beyond; Anthology via The Anthropologist; Treehotel]


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  1. These are amazing! I would do anything to stay in one of these. My fave has to be the grass covered hut.


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  3. Love these, Meghan. And I’m so on the same page as you about sleeping on the ground. Next summer you should come by our cabin on an island in Maine. It looks just like the first picture. (The island, that is.)


  4. Cabin in Maine. On an island. I’m in. I think we have a similar love for Maine. I spend much of the year looking forward to going back.


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  6. Did I ever follow up and tell you that we stayed here! It was awesome. Here are my husband’s photos:


  7. Hillary! I’m officially jealous. Looks like an amazing trip, and your husband’s photos are stunning. Do I have your email? I want to get in touch and ask more questions.


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