Scenes from Brussels

10.28.2011 | by: Meghan

From the top: 1. Stumbled upon the Parc de Bruxelles at night and it was glowing neon blue and green with these colorful pendants strung in the trees, and a bunch of street acrobats doing some rogue nighttime jumping and rolling–most absurd, magical unplanned part of the trip. 2. Store called Hunting and Collecting. Sort of a scrappier Collette in concept. 3. A bedroom at the Musee Horta Museum–the home of Belgium’s father of Art Nouveau architecture. I got scolded for taking photos, but not before I captured this beautiful wallpaper (and a urinal that unfolds from a bedside closet!). 4. Like every other significant historic building at time of visit, the Grand Place was under construction. I love how colorful the scaffolding crutches are! 5. After a morning at the daily flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle, we grabbed breakfast at this fantastic cafe on the square filled with locals. 6. Best find: K.Loan, an industrial-leaning antique shop on Rue Blaes. Most beautiful, well-styled vintage store I have ever seen. 7. A long-standing institution of a beer hall, Mort Subite was named after the sudden-death card game obsessively played by a bunch of bankers 80-something years ago. 8. The cathedral at Grand Place all lit up at night. 9. Brussels has amazing street art. 9.  10. A reco from a friend: “Find the pomme frites stand (the one that looks the most ridiculous) and eat fries where kings have been killed.” Duly noted.


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  1. Ooo I remember the fries. I haven’t been in 20 years, but I can still taste them!


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