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Detroit, Michigan
12.13.2011 | by: Meghan

My big announcement for the year: Honor & Folly is open and ready for guests! As a freelance writer (and blogger), I log a lot of solo hours behind the computer. And as much as I love to travel, the reality is: I spend the hefty majority of my time at home–with my family, in the city of Detroit. Honor & Folly is a product of wanting to interact more with other people–you know, in the face-to-face kind of way–engage in my own community, and introduce visitors to the kind of travel I love: intimate, small-scale b&bs, apartments, houses, and family-owned hotels that tell a story about their location. That create a sense of place.

My favorite part of opening Honor & Folly so far has been working with all the talented local designers, artists and artisans who have contributed handmade design and decorative objects to the space (much of it is even for sale). I love looking around and thinking about how they all spent time creating something–with their own hands–so it could be part of the Honor & Folly story. Everyone has worked so hard, and I can’t wait for guests to stay here–and to use the handmade cutting boards, sit on the wooden stools, and eat from the beautiful ceramic dinnerware by my friend Abigail Murray. I hope when travelers are thinking about coming to Detroit, they choose to stay in this small neighborhood joint, where they can go downstairs and hang out at the bar or coffee shop–and learn something about the city from people who live here. It reminds me of the way folks used to travel–a few bedrooms above the village pub or restaurant with a hearty breakfast. That’s really all you really need. Well, that and a friendly innkeeper.

Here’s the brand-new website. I hope to see you in Detroit soon!

[PHOTOS: All images by the talented Marvin Shaouni]


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  1. WOW. Meghan, you did an awesome job with this. I wish you great success with it!!!


  2. Congrats! Can’t wait to come check it out!


  3. so beautiful! so well done! SO exciting! love every detail. what an amazing addition to detroit.


  4. i have been following designtripper for awhile, and watched the posts roll in about Honor + Folly with excitement. Looks great, and although I am a west coaster and have only been to the Middle 2x, I will definitely keep Detroit on my radar, just so I can come enjoy the love at Honor + Folly. Best wishes!


  5. I have been following you for some time I really like the fact that you have opened up a B and B in Detroit. I live in northern Michigan and love to see positive things about Michigan put out there. Good luck! I featured you on my blog today.



  6. I love this. I’m from the Detroit/Pontiac area, have family in Michigan and I am so happy to read good things about the area. I look forward to checking it out when I get back to Michigan/Detroit. Wish you all the best!


  7. Meghan,
    I’m the one who wrote you with the house in West Virginia-
    Your place looks great. I am thrilled for you. Still doing the renovations on mine. I’ll keep you posted.



  8. Joy: How’s your place in West Virginia coming along?


  9. Going well. Just begged, borrowed, and stole some more money to keep things moving. I go down every month but it is still a bit hard to do things from Philadelphia. Thankfully I have a really great contractor down there and the folks with businesses in town are very helpful. My place is next door to a cool music venue called The Purple Fiddle. The owner, John Bright, has become a good friend and advocate for my enterprise. I’m hoping to be down there this summer to do a soft opening. Working title for the place is Saint Barbara House. She is the patron saint of miners. The town is an old coal mining town and I thought it might be a nice tribute. Anyway, it is moving along. I’ll keep you posted. And as always, thanks for all the inspiration.


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  11. Congrats, Meghan! Way to get it done…so impressed! Very good news. Wishing you great success.


  12. Wow! My family is in the Detroit area. I’ll tell them all about this, and even though we always have a place to stay at my parent’s house, it would be pretty cool to stay in the city and support your new B&B and Detroit. Love the style, food and photos — very enticing.


  13. Such a fantastic idea and a really beautiful space. I cannot wait to stay and see it all in person. Congratulations!


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