Stay: The Beer Moth

Highlands, Scotland
12.06.2011 | by: Meghan

After Honor & Folly opens, maybe I’ll start thinking about another project — a converted truck b&b? This place is genius. The industrious owner/designer of The Beer Moth cobbled together some walls and the interior of this 1956 Conmer Q4 using oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, a salvaged snooker table slate as the hearth, and a freestanding farmhouse door. Add a pretty cool-looking Victorian bed, a worn leather armchair and some cooking utensils and done. You don’t need much more to appreciate the mountainous view at the sprawling Inshriach estate, which used to be a shooting lodge in the early 1900s.

[PHOTOS: Canopy & Stars via Design Hunter]


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  1. hands-down, this is the most unique place to stay i have ever seen. LOVE.


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