Stay: El Garzon

Garzon, Uruguay
01.03.2012 | by: Meghan

A few weeks ago, I posted some knockout-beautiful photos of Andrew and Gemma Ingalls’ trip to Uruguay. Here, a much-deserved closer look at one of their favorite stops, El Garzon–a pretty magical restaurant and guesthouse opened by famed chef Francis Mallmann. They stayed a few days, feasted on impeccable-looking South American cuisine (prepared with an old Andean technique involving griddles between two wood fires) and fell in love with the staff. The aesthetic–a thoughtful hybrid of “frontier colonial style and peasant Italian vibe”–is as much a draw (well, at least to me) as the food. “We loved the color palette of the painted wood benches which dominated the gardens. Each evening we headed out to the sleepy town square, or a few blocks beyond, to watch the sun set over the grasslands,” says Gemma.

[All images by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls]


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  1. I’ve never thought about visiting Uruguay until seeing this post- just lovely!

    Also, congrats on your bed and breakfast! I live in Chicago and want to plan a trip to come stay with my boyfriend 🙂


  2. We’d love to have you at Honor & Folly, Nicole. And yes, isn’t this place beautiful? I want to go to Uruguay, too!


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