Italy Bound and Random Stuff

08.24.2012 | by: Meghan

We’re in Italy right now. First Puglia, where we’re staying in a fortified masseria with citrus groves and walnut and persimmon trees growing in the courtyard. Then, we’ll travel up to Civita di Bagnoregio to stay in Patrizio’s just-finished cave house in the Etruscan town he calls one of the “most beautiful and noble places on earth.” His passion for this ancient place feels contagious and sincere, poetic even (“It has the appearance of being built from gold and silver – the gold of the Tufa rock in the cliffs and houses, the silver of its basalt paved streets.”), and I’m looking forward to sharing our experience when we get back in two weeks. Until then, some travel inspiration to keep you busy:

>> This interview with Australian photographer Sharyn Cairns. Her Cuba series is heart-gripping for those who like beautiful crumbling things.
>> The menu from the restaurant at this lodge in North Haven, Maine. Chef Amanda Hallowell uses food from the local farm, Turner Farm.
>> You haven’t seen the last of this Leelanau Peninsula historic b&b, Hillside Homestead. Would love to take a farm class.
>> A feature I contributed to in Food & Wine about the best places in Italy to stay/eat.
>> ┬áThis Herriot Grace film about Nikole’s dad. I love the part where he talks about his cabin: “That is where my soul is. When I drive in that driveway, the rest of the world doesn’t exist.” That’s the truest form of getting-away-from-it-all travel.
>> These Anchorage finds from Matthew Hranek’s trip to Alaska.



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  1. Villa Magnolia is a hidden gem!

    we enjoyed eating lunch in the sea cave at the Hotel Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare.

    Trulli in Alberobello was worth a morning stroll.

    Cave tour in Grotte di Castellana is fun.

    Lecce and Gallipoli are lovely.



  2. link should have been:


  3. Contact Lesley and Ron at Villa Magnolia to see their lovely property:


  4. Where was this photo taken? I’d like to look up more information on visiting the site.


  5. i hope you are having fun. looks amazing! squizz.


  6. i’m seriously loving your website! <3
    i hope you have a great time!


  7. Hi Katy: The photo is of Civita di Bagnoregio, and I’ll be posting more about our trip there in the next week or so.

    Eric: Made it to Lecce, the grottes and had dinner in a trulli. Thanks for the recos.

    Catarina: Thanks for reading!


  8. I’ve been to Italy a few times and seen most of the big tourist cities and have not been to Puglia yet although I have written about the place a few times. I am a ancient ruin junkie thus the reason for the big city stays so far but I know there are ancient sites in Puglia and will have to get myself down there on my next trip to Italy


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