Honor & Folly: A Weekend Giveaway

Detroit, Michigan
11.28.2012 | by: Meghan

In the September issue of Martha Stewart Living, I put together a tight little visiting guide to Corktown — my neighborhood for living and inn-keeping (in this post, some bonus photos by Joe Vaughn that didn’t make the story). When I opened Honor & Folly, I was excited about stepping out from behind the computer screen and introducing travelers to the neighborhood-centric Detroit I know — not the Detroit you see from 17th story of some mid-rise hotel downtown. I never gave much thought to the community of neighborhood business owners I was going to be part of, and turns out, that’s a hugely rewarding facet of owning a small business. I’m proud to send guests downstairs to Astro, because the owners, who are my neighbors in real life, are such good people and amazing at what they do. I tell guests to save room for brunch a few blocks away at Brooklyn Street Local, and to make sure to go to Mudgies for a humongous sandwich, the Lager House for a music show, and St. Cece’s for the best unassuming farm-to-table food in the most quirky, unlikely setting. I love bragging about my friend Ryan, who started an urban farm in North Corktown, and rooting on some other friends who are opening a distillery down the street. My brother-in-law runs Pony Ride–an incubator for artists, designers and entrepreneurs–and it’s been fun to watch that grow. If you could have seen this neighborhood when we moved here eight years ago, you would have never believed it would one day in the not-so-distant future end up in the pretty, iconic pages of Martha Stewart Living. There were no working streetlights, hardly any businesses, almost no one walking down the street while I pushed my baby stroller over broken glass. And now. Now I’m giving away a weekend to hang out here for fun! Excuse me while I pinch myself.

In honor of the first-year anniversary of Honor & Folly, I’m giving away a weekend in the neighborhood I love so much. The winner will get two nights at Honor & Folly*, breakfast at Astro, two drinks at Sugar House, and a $50 gift certificate to Slows. I will also give you a personal tour of  the city, including stops at some of my favorite places in Detroit, from Eastern Market to Belle Isle. To enter, just leave a comment below, and I’ll announce a winner — picked at random — at the end of next week. Cut-off for entry Thursday, December 6th at 5pm EST.

You can find the Martha Stewart Living article on the page I finally created for my writing work. Thank you so much for being interested, and for all your support the past year. I am so grateful.

[Photos, all by Joe Vaughn, from top to bottom: Honor & Folly (top three), Acre, Mudgies, Hello Records, Le Petit Zinc, Green Dot Stables, Sugar House]

*Contest assumes mutually agreed upon dates, which must fall between January and the end of March 2013. The sooner you pick dates, the more likely it will be that the dates are available, as the inn tends to book up a month in advance on weekends. If you decide to book mid-week, you will get an extra night.


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  1. I’ve never been to Detroit but this looks like an awesome way to explore the city in a not so traditional way! I love going off the beaten path of well travaled places and getting to know the lcoals.


  2. Nice – would love to check out the city from an insider viewpoint. Nice write-up, too.


  3. Oh, this looks fantastic! i would LOVE to go to detroit, have been wanting to check out what’s going on there lately, and this would be a great way to be introduced to the city.


  4. Ooh, I would love love love to win this. I’ve been coveting a nice little weekend getaway with my husband, and this would be perfect. Even though I’ve lived in the Chicago area for my entire life, I’ve never been to Detroit.


  5. Looks awesome!


  6. I heart Cleveland…but I heart Detroit just as much! A one tank trip to one of our “sister cities” would be awesome; especially in January when the holiday scene settles down and the chilly temps off the lake set it! Cheers & fingers crossed I win!


  7. Midwest is best!


  8. What an incredible giveaway– so many places I would love to go!


  9. Love seeing all this great stuff growing in Corktown.


  10. Looks like an amazing trip! Never been to Detroit… would love a good reason to visit!


  11. This would be the best present for the best parents as they grow older, and as their kids scatter throughout the country. They don’t get away unless we force them to – this would be a wonderful ‘forceful’ gift for the holidays!! Thank you 🙂


  12. Wonderful!
    Hope to win!!


  13. I would love to visit this beautiful space. Thanks for the opportunity.


  14. I grew up in Metro Detroit and now live in DC. I would love a chance to see how the city has changed and grown!


  15. Seems like the perfect place to have a “staycation” in the city. Thanks for the chance to enjoy a wonderful weekend!


  16. I admire your aesthetic and your desire to preserve such a beautiful building. Your love for the city is evident in every detail. I would LOVE to see it in person!


  17. Beautiful – fingers crossed!


  18. I was just in Detroit and wanted to stop but missed it due to my meetings. Hopefully i will win and be able to be there soon!! 🙂


  19. This place looks wonderful! Cant wait to visit!


  20. Would love to sample all that Corktown has to offer!


  21. I was born in Detroit and graduated from Wayne State. It has been decades since I spent a night in the city. This would be a great way to go back!


  22. I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life (now in Boston), but have never been to Detroit. Your place is beautiful – it looks like it would be the perfect retreat and cozy home base for exploring the city.


  23. Would love to visit and have your eye & heart introduce me to your neighborhood.


  24. The coincidence of talking about Detroit and now your invitation – too perfect!


  25. Would Looooooove to partake in this beautiful idea. I have been to Slows and dream of the Mac and cheese frequently 🙂 . Will be visiting my guy who lives in those parts all the way from Texas in Michigan this Xmas/ New Years ! I’m spreading the news of indie and underrated detroit to my southern cohorts. Pick me pick me!


  26. Never been to Detroit. WOuld love to come over!


  27. Thanks for all that you do:)


  28. I’d love to go!


  29. I make back to Michigan a couple times of year and even tried to book a room with you last year. Full up. Good for you. Can’t wait get over there.


  30. Pick me Pick me!!


  31. CONGRATS!!

    This is just the thing I need… eenie meenie miney MO!!


  32. I’d love a weekend in Corktown!


  33. Such a special and beautiful place. I would love to come for a visit. I’m so fascinated with Detroit!


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