Stay: Chateau de la Goujeonnerie

Vendee, France
01.16.2013 | by: Meghan


I came across this fantastical, fairytale-channeling property about a year ago in World of Interiors, and more recently mentioned on, where the editors referenced its location, Vendee, in the countryside of France, as one Europe’s secret hot spots. It’s not surprising, considering that the owners–the three guys behind London’s much-ballyhooed Les Trois Garcons and Maison Trois Garcons–are the intrepid interior masterminds.

The 1872 chateau, with its floating turrets, spins a whimsical, over-the-top tale on the inside, matching the splendor of the exterior with wit and frivolity. Two-story chandeliers, spiral staircases, anatomical models, stuffed birds, Balinese elephant chairs and century-spanning antiques — everything is an extravagant gesture. Especially those symmetrically mounted horse heads with narwal horns. And a detail that escaped notice the first time I poured over the photos, the holiday chateau can be rented. Well, for a price (ahem, almost $12,000 for a long weekend). After all, the place sleeps 54 across seven ensuite bathrooms (plus 17 more in the ancillary buildings). Beyond the impressively long list of reading rooms, studies and formal dining rooms, there’s an 18-meter pool, 18 acres, and a small forest to frolic in.


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  1. What a stunning property and if I win the lotto, I’m heading there to celebrate! I adore your blog.


  2. Stunning photos! Wow, this place has so much visual eye candy, I would dream about it long after I departed.


  3. […] the whimsy and magic (unicorns included) in the decor at Chateau de la Goujeonnerie in the French countryside. Can I book my stay sometime soon? – […]


  4. Lovely chateau. Looks like the family really loves ornate pieces. I love the chandelier in the green room…the one with the red glass cups. I bet that look beautiful lit for the evening. Another family who loves this look are the Ashcombes who own Sudeley Castle, not too far from me in the Cotswolds. Have you ever been there?


  5. I just googled–and bookmarked– Sudely Castle. Beautiful gardens. And cute little cottages you can rent on the property. Thanks for the tip.


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