Winter Cabins

02.21.2013 | by: Meghan

I love winter. Just not winter in the city. I want blankets of dense white snow instead of dirty brown slush, and space to romp around in it. Sledding, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, the works. Even if I had a fireplace, it wouldn’t get me through: I crave the icy solitude of a rustic, bare-bones cabin in the country, stocked with wool blankets, snow shoes and plenty of firewood. Somewhere to stave off the stir crazies. This is why the amazing, covet-enducing Cabin Porn is a very dangerous haunt (if you’ve never heard of of it, I don’t recommend checking it out if you don’t have an hour or more to spare). The site’s only drawback, besides making me feel extremely envious, is that there’s not much information about each cabin, and most aren’t for rent. You may end up doing some random googling for “rustic hunting cabins in the woods for rent,” which produces a substantial list of places well-suited for a low-budget horror film, but not exactly Cabin Porn material.

Here are a few rustic spots from the designtripper arsenal that might come in handy:

The William Brown cabin
Mast Farm
Mountain Morning
Folsom Inn

Next week, I’ll cover some favorites from the warm and sunny end of the spectrum. Because as much as I love snow (and was grateful for actually having some this year), we’ll be happily on our way back here.

[All images via Cabin Porn]

7 Comments on “Winter Cabins”

  1. Lovely photos. Here in Vancouver it’s raining like crazy. I wish it would snow in the city but it’s usually too mild. The middle three photos remind me so much of my years in the French alps.


  2. Yes! So much truth. I can totally identify with loving a snowy winter in the woods but not nearly as much as in the city. So nice.


  3. Raining in Vancouver in the winter? Sounds like we all need a little more French Alps.


  4. You have killed my left brain with It is so beautiful.


  5. Jacques: It’s dangerous! Be careful.


  6. Too late.


  7. Snowy winter perfect for two weeks at maximum form me!Very nice pics 🙂


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