Summer Scenes from Northern Michigan

08.07.2013 | by: Meghan

Are you tired of Michigan yet? I’m in a travel holding pattern right now, spending time with my new babe, and only in the very beginning stages of dreaming up where I’m going to take this sweet little bundle. So in the meantime, more photos of our time in Northern Michigan. We’re missing the Maine coast pretty desperately about now, but we’re so lucky to have this magical escape so close to home. Lake Michigan, farmland, farm stands, cherries, Tandem Ciders, dunes, what more?


5 Comments on “Summer Scenes from Northern Michigan”

  1. Never enough Northern Michigan! Great pictures!


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  3. I have wanderlust running through me at the moment…..your beautiful blog is making it worse:)
    Or soothing it living vicariously maybe?


  4. new babe??? Congratulations!! Love the Michigan posts and the Michigan colors. We’re in Portland, OR now and lots of fun things to explore…if you come this way, let us know.


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